Saturday, May 15, 2010

dental health= mental health

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I just carved out a maxim, didn't I ?  like health is wealth or knowledge is power- (or magic is might- all Harry Potter fans :P )  dental health= mental health. and it does suit me to greatest possible extent, if nobody else. Well, i am sure most people would silently agree with me- or even openly- all those who have almost lost their sanity for this cause!!!  Here is how i got on the verge of losing my mental health:

 I always had bad teeth. And you know whats worse? i have beautiful teeth. (and that's why i give a thousand watt smile in every picture.!) just that they are too bad inside. That's definitely worse, right?  so, from the day i remember, i always had some or the other dental issue. Well, i never had an inclination towards chocolate, even as a kid, (which is again a bit unnatural) but somehow germs were so desperate to find me, that they fought their way on through various methods, and entered my teeth successfully. since then, they use this place as their vacation house. :/

 I visited my current dentist 7 years ago. before that i already had 2 root canals, and some fillings here and there. i brushed regularly, i ate very less sweets, but oh-so-persevering germs! they stayed, and enjoyed. in last 7 years, I have had 2 more root canals, and i have lost the count of the no. of fillings that i have had. I am now just so used to all that atmosphere on a dentist's chair, the tools, the drill (and the most soothing sound of it :( ) The X rays, The pills, the lotions, the nausea of eating sweets, all is very positively ingrained in my system now.  The receptionist at his clinic looks at me with the most  patient and sympathetic smile on her face.

we all meet some of our relatives only occasionally.the germs strike the timing so beautifully that i ALWAYS  have some or the other problem going on whenever i meet some of my relatives. i meet them only after some months, and really, their has been no window of more than six months, when i did not have a dental problem.  I recently had a RC to an already capped tooth! imagine putting a hole in that metal cap, and then doing all that work with an excruciating pain hitting you all the while :D. AND ON THE TOP OF IT,  a week after my new RC, the gums are sensitive again :D

do you see the maniacal laughter? :P now you see the slow but steady way to losing your mental health? after all this ordeal, i bet you would lose at least 10% of the mental health! I suggest that they obligatorily put up a counselor or a psychiatrist at every dental clinic. Poor counselors will also have a job, and moreover, poor deranged like me will have a helping hand! I also suggest that we combine the dental health day (whenever it is) with the mental health day(Oct 15). spend a lot on the advertising, and let every other kid know about it. ultimately, it is one of the solutions to better mental health, isn't it?

take care of your dental health dears! mental health will be alright all by itself! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

The green and the green

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Hello Hello...its been too long since i was visible/discernible in this space. I was busy  in doing a comparaitively useless task named GRE. But now i am happily outta it, resumed  my fav task :)

well, the things which make me smile are not much right now. It is arid, hot, burning, sultry..whatever! Pune is *&*&^%^%$^%$%#**&^%*$# HOT! go out in the sun for ten mins and all you become is drowsy and parched. I know, the heat wave is particularly fierce in this regions of the country, but to add to the misery, Pune is losing most of its green cover. Here are some things i  noticed/came across/heard in last 10 days

1. when the 'oh so prestigious' CYG happened in pune in 2008, 119 trees- Big-ghane ped- like banyan and peepal- were cut down  on baner-balewadi road. Isn't this an outrageous no? have we ever thought how much of human and natural effort was wasted in several hours? How many years would a tree need to become a big one like the original? We needed just a day to cut them down. AND even that would have been ok if the trees were replanted. I perfectly understand the desire of our politicians to showcase pune's roads as the big, smooth, international standard types. so it is given that the trees have to go. How else would the road look like that? but did anyone bother to replant these trees anywhere else? well, it is not a secret that the tree can be dug out with its roots intact and then planted elsewhere..why did not they do it? We just see the roads widened..did we ever think where are all these trees?

2. i stay on FC road. I observed that in last few months- especially after the one way was implemented, road has lost some small trees- not the big ones- but there were some small trees all along the road- the are gone!!! where? who did cut them down? and when??? and what can we do about it???

3. The area which is the backside of wakdewadi- there is a major cut down happening. It was all over the newspapers a couple of weeks ago. As expected, this was done for some construction purposes. XYZ builder did it. it turns out that nobody had granted him permission to cut the trees down. still, right under everybody's nose, in open sunlight, he cut them down. nobody pays any attention, and n no of such cases keep on happening. And now i cant even look out of my balcony  in the afternoon, so can't many people, as it is just so blazing! you cant look out because of the sun! WHY don't we realize that this is the result of the decreasing green?  Pune used to be covered with green- if not like konkan- at least some green cover was definitely existing. Please tell me areas apart from University, model colony, koregaon park , which have thick green cover. Look at baner. balewadi, hadapsar, Satar road, Kalyaninagar, Yerawda, pune-mumbai highway- do you realize that there is so less presence of green???


its obviously because of the other green. The money, honey! Cut the trees down, build houses so that people who need housing eternally will buy them. Cut trees down, and widen the roads, so that some more fund from the taxpayers could be used under the pretext of improving the infrastructure of the city. Cut more of them down, and build malls, which is where the moolah rules. Oh yes, and dont ever plant them again. If we plant them again, we ourselves are wasting the efforts now, aren't we? forget about the natural green. Be happy with this brighter, shinier and more useful green. be blind to the increasing heat. be blind to the environmental change. Be blind to everything concerned with our own environment. ignore it, if possible. Show me the money- its all about money honey!
and then what next?

I perfectly agree with this mall verse i read in Singapore( which is pretty green country btw):
only after the last tree has been cut down
only after the lat river has been poisoned
only after the last fish has been caught

man will realize

best of luck, you all. choose the green wisely!