Sunday, September 26, 2010

new phase AGAIN!

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things happened so fast! I was about to get settled in the new house lifestyle, and i get a job offer. not one, two! after great discussions, thoughts, analysis and so on, i decide to take one of them. and then, i move out of the house! I come to the big bad city in the world- mumbai!!!!

of course, for the job. my family did not ask me to leave the house, nor did I elope :P. I work in such an industry, that every thing BIG is happening in Mumbai. the media hub is Mumbai. right from Bollywood, to ad world, to newspapers, to TV channels, to corporate communication- everything is in Mumbai. and well, the fact remains that Pune is way too close to Mumbai, so they will never build another office/branch in Pune, for the convenience's sake! So doing something considerably big in my field would mostly mean that I shift to Mumbai. which I did. I do work in this big TV channel now, (have a media card, might mean some privileges ) and generally get uber excited reactions from people.

I have not yet explored the city that much though. I mean c'mon, Mumbai is one of the most crowded, and most glamorous cities of the world. its been 25 days that I am here, and iI have not explored a single thing. the sightseeing places I am saying. well, otherwise I am exploring some things as listed below:

1. traveling through Mumbai locals is way damn cheap! although, it is injurious to health. best case scenario, you just sweat. (which you anyways do) you worst case scenario, you die. but trust me, never found anything cheaper, and faster than the fast local train in Mumbai! Of course, i am all ga-ga over it coz I dont have to travel too much. its just 3 stations for me. people who travel like 23 stations would swear that local train is the most dreadful thing that has happened to them!

2. this season- the month of September is better in Mumbai. the monsoon is slowly ending and the October heat has not yet started. you do sweat of course, that's the constant thing in Mumbai. but its better than rest of the year. you might even encounter a breeze! and i do, from the top floor of my office!

3. the sea looks awesome, even though it is filthy in reality. but you go there in the night, you get super cool breezes, and you experience the sheer vastness. you know what, many of Mumbai skylines look very beautiful because of the sea. as in, after some buildings, there is a big vast vacuum- the sky is not filled( coz sea is there!) but the emptiness of the sky adds up to the grandeur of the whole skyline. my office is quite close to sea. I directly get a glimpse from the top floor of the office. and in the night, it looks marvelous! :D

4. the grocery is priced pretty high, and the clothes, super cheap! linking road, hill road, colaba causeway, fashion street and Dadar- jai ho! esp at colaba causeway, you get a cheese tomato sandwich at 95 rs, and a white t shirt at 100 rs!! :)

5. people are helpful. they generally guide you about the routes, convenient buses or trains and other stuff. since everybody sails in the same boat where daily life is a hassle, you do help people i guess. I also suspect that many of mumbai men are sex starved ( the way they look at you) but about that, some other time.

I am sure by end of this year i will list at least 100 things. I have never been out of Pune for job/education. and i am sure it is going to teach me lot of things. my posts will continue, and i promise my blog frequency will improve! :) watch the space :P