Saturday, November 21, 2009

breaking away from norms

hello! writing quite frequently, i am these days. can't believe its my third post in one month, when its not even over! hmm, that itself could be breaking away with the norm.. but the thinng i am going to write is not this! :)

                i am witnessing couple of  breaking aways lately. first is my friend. he is getting married very soon- in about a month's time. the dude is well educated, has a MBA(oh yeah, that's it!), intelligent and is going to married to a girl who soon will be awarded her Ph.D , though there is still some time for it. Now, what will you do? you will definitely work till 15 days before your wedding, come home in stylish haste, get all your shopping done, and then marry and resume work. after all you are married now! you need to earn. the moolah is necessary, dear! now what has this man done? he left the job! yeah..when he was about to get married, he has left the job! so when somebody in acquaintances asks him what does he do, he says nothing! and moreover, is not planning to do anything for next 2 months-even after the marriage! i know this sounds foolish, but yeah, that's what it is. he of course must be having his own reasons to do that, but i like the courage, and moreover, the clear sorted out thinking and the calm attitude :)
there are couple of more friends who recently left their jobs, without having anything in hand, and are quite happy. both of them left the jobs either coz they were getting really really bored of the mundane work, or they wanted to follow their passion.and i also have a close friend of mine who rejected his offer from a multinational, having a fat package, and settled for almost 1/3rd package, which gave him an opportunity to follow his passion. this all is really an example of breaking away from the norms. and i know hundreds of people would labels these as unwise decisions, but you have to take a call on following your passion/ listening to your mind or heart versus getting behind the moolah, ignoring your inner voice, and following the supposed 'normal way'!  you yourself decide what's wise and normal for you-ain't it?     

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Monday, November 16, 2009

god of small things

 that's what i have recently become. It is weird, isn't it? going for dinner at some cool place, going for an outing, or probably partying somewhere, or buying nice trendy stuff, or say a super exotic vacation at around 15000 kms from your house seems to be an excellent idea of relaxation.More to add would be getting yourself pampered at the hottest spa in your city! these really seem to be the in things for my generation. supposedly these things give you a free time all by yourself, you are relaxed, your brain is refreshed and it starts working nicely throughout the next week. even i was taken by such ideas say half an year back. and I did want to experience most of these things.
cut to today, when i am 5 months old in my office, now a part of the ' gonna get bored soon' brigade, and really really wanna spend my weekends home, or want to avoid tiring trips to far off-as i travel quite much during the week- i have realized that being god of small things helps! see, you know that you just have one day at your disposal. you want to get up late, have lazy breakfast, lazier bath, laziest lunch, wanna hang out with friends, have to put your closet in the order, have to sort out junk in your room, have to call 3 friends whom you promised you would definitely call during the week, get some new stuff for the wedding season thats approaching, probably try your hands at cooking coz you have a whim, read the next part of the fat book, skype talk with loaaadss of people, and then finally sleep! NOW, where do you get time for such kinda high class relaxations? 
be the god of small things! find small things in your daily grind, and then, learn to relax with them! it took me a little long to trust that it helps. when i did these things, they worked wonders. catching up with pals over coffee at somebody's house and not outside so that at length conversations could be held. call up a long lost friend. go to a bhaji market to get bhaji. clean up your cycle/bike/car. watch finding nemo on DVD. going to tekdi. running a good distance of 4 km. writing a blog. oiling your hair and then having a good shampoo. eating kanda bhaji, batatewada, and chocolate without worrying about your weight! going to crossword or any other shop and checking out new books. and buying 5 earrings costing 10 Rs each :) these activities i have been doing and i must say that it does help me relax like no expensive dinner and exotic spa would ever do. 
nor did i ever believe that expensive things meant great happiness,in most cases, its other way round.  but i have been experiencing it now. and i am loving it! :) yay!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

hello! ween- the introspection

the particular monday was no different than others. same hesitation in getting up and going to work-why wouldn't you hesitate if you have to get up at 6 and go to work at 7 everyday? :( but still.. i reached office. opened newspapers. glanced through the last page(please note: there is the addition of last page to the 'page 3' .) spotted Halloween parties pics there!
I mean this is the first time I am spotting Halloween parties happening in Pune. and actually the props, the scary dresses, the pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns whatever-  were seen in newspapers, on blogs, on facebook orkut, TV, everywhere. since when pune became so Americanized to celebrate Halloween on such a big scale? or are our media playing an important role in letting know common masses of  Halloween? or do they really want to shape us in an American way of life? dunno..confused!
i like new festivals :) time to celebrate is always nice! but all the same i find it hard to digest that celebrating dasra, and sankrant and nagpanchami with mehendi is not so cool when painting your faces in stupid way is. i don't like it :(
or celebrating everything through media is the norm of the day? confused! :(

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