Saturday, November 21, 2009

breaking away from norms

hello! writing quite frequently, i am these days. can't believe its my third post in one month, when its not even over! hmm, that itself could be breaking away with the norm.. but the thinng i am going to write is not this! :)

                i am witnessing couple of  breaking aways lately. first is my friend. he is getting married very soon- in about a month's time. the dude is well educated, has a MBA(oh yeah, that's it!), intelligent and is going to married to a girl who soon will be awarded her Ph.D , though there is still some time for it. Now, what will you do? you will definitely work till 15 days before your wedding, come home in stylish haste, get all your shopping done, and then marry and resume work. after all you are married now! you need to earn. the moolah is necessary, dear! now what has this man done? he left the job! yeah..when he was about to get married, he has left the job! so when somebody in acquaintances asks him what does he do, he says nothing! and moreover, is not planning to do anything for next 2 months-even after the marriage! i know this sounds foolish, but yeah, that's what it is. he of course must be having his own reasons to do that, but i like the courage, and moreover, the clear sorted out thinking and the calm attitude :)
there are couple of more friends who recently left their jobs, without having anything in hand, and are quite happy. both of them left the jobs either coz they were getting really really bored of the mundane work, or they wanted to follow their passion.and i also have a close friend of mine who rejected his offer from a multinational, having a fat package, and settled for almost 1/3rd package, which gave him an opportunity to follow his passion. this all is really an example of breaking away from the norms. and i know hundreds of people would labels these as unwise decisions, but you have to take a call on following your passion/ listening to your mind or heart versus getting behind the moolah, ignoring your inner voice, and following the supposed 'normal way'!  you yourself decide what's wise and normal for you-ain't it?     

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Pradnya said...

Good one !
It takes a lot of courage to follow your passion. But I believe that, 'the other's' think that it's a hard decision to take, but for the person it's his/her heart's calling or let me use some cliche and say he is taking the call from the 'conspiracy of the universe' and realizing "Raison d'être"