Sunday, November 25, 2012

down the chat memories

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It feels so good to retrieve old chats. They contain memories. Retrieving them is probably an easiest way nowadays to relive those memories. I mean, old photographs are as nice, I accept. especially the candid ones. Talking animatedly on a coffee table, on a classroom bench, at katta, at college cultural events, hogging some chaat item, ganging up against a poor soul in the group, many dinners together, trips we went on, birthday parties, mehendi parties, many moods in somebody's wedding and so on. So many of those memories come back to you.

But there is  difference in those pictures and chats. Chats actually provide you much more than a big vague bubble of that memory. the lines actually remind you of the particular situation, your mood at that time, the emotions you were going through, just that particular day in your life. I just read 3 fantastic chats from my old logs. One is with a very dear friend, who used to stay a block away from me. And there was a time period when we used to be eternally together. Just perpetually, either at his place or at my place or somewhere outside.In fact, some of our friends thought that something might "brew up" between us. point is not that. I read a chat log where he was saying about how his day went, how my research dissertation is paining me, and it ends with him saying that he will come over for a coffee in next half an hour. It made me relive that whole day, in  my memory. Reading that he will come in half an hour also sounded kinda funny, considering how he stays gazillion kms away, in another continent, and hemisphere!

I read another one between me and my very closest friend. She is in particularly bad mood in that. She is having issues with some of our other friends, and its just getting too much for her. She has talked to them about it, which does not bring any relief. She is puzzled, frustrated and outraged.She actually says that she misses me being there :(.   I give her all sorta pep talk, and she eventually feels better, so do I. The chat showed me that my friend was actually missing me, needed a shoulder, and gave me the feeling of inclusion. There is somebody who still wants you and knows your worth. Both of us are married now, stay in different cities and very much miss each other. But it feels good to see that there was a time when we chatted about trivial issues, cheered each other up and actually shared a time-space.

Third is with my Husband. Well, to begin with, I have just too many chats with him, provided he was always away. We eternally had a long distance relationship. So there is a chat in the very beginning of our relationship. It is amusing to read it. We were still kind of formal, did not have all those stupid nicknames, were still talking about how does one react to a situation and so on. There are some references which show that not lot of people know about our relation.  And I say that common friends are going to be amused and shocked when we declare this. Also, how it feels different to have a presence(albeit virtual) of somebody else in life. That initial time just feels so long ago now. We did declare it, we shocked people, got engaged and got married too. Just looong time ago.

It also shows us how we change as persons, how our responses change, our talking/writing style changes, the way we think changes. We are a completely different person in like a decade. It is awesome. And these memories do not make you sad. In fact you relive those days, and feel happy. a warm, happy feeling. I love chats. Anybody up for a gtalk conference? :)

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