Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resolution changed!

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Just before going to sleep, I came hurriedly to my PC, remembering that today's post is pending. I had a nice Sunday, relaxing, I even watched a movie. But I do not have the patience to write a full review on that. I have not done anything splendid in the whole day, and I do not have usual thoughts bubbling in my head, thanks to little laid back day today. the big question is-what to write today.
then I met a dear friend online. I told him that I have this new resolution. He asked me why. I said coz I want to maintain some regularity in writing. But I myself accept that it might lead to trashy posts. He then said art does not, and can not have regularity. It was a simple sentence, which was true, and well, most convenient! :D
Jokes apart, I understand that art is not a machine product, and hence, there is a chance that trashy posts might occur. Writing regularly is fine, but I also need to have a topic. Writing about daily rut is I guess reserved for diaries,or it's something that only Big B writes. And while its true that I have to maintain regularity in writing, quality is also of great importance.
hence, the resolution is hanged, and has now become once a week. I will not force myself every day, but I will also not write once in a blue moon. This once a week seems to be a good middle way, and |I intend to continue this. yes!

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