Friday, June 15, 2012

The resolutions

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I finally turned 25 two days ago. Did not feel different at all. But this was my landmark birthday in ways more than one. Apart from being the quarter-life birthday, it was the first after my wedding, first in Chennai and so on! I also received  endless phone calls, messages,   so many posted on FB timeline, some of the collegues also celebrated my birthday, and I received a very real,natural and lovely letter from my father-in-law. Cherry on the top was my parents and sister coming down from Pune, making the quorum full.  I also made some resolutions ( exercise was  not a part of it as that I do regularly.)
First one is a little personal, (nothing romantic!) but the second one is to write. To write at least something on this blog,daily. I want to see if I can actually write as a practice, if I can make a habit out of it. I also want to express various thoughts that frequent my mind daily, want to string them together. I want to have a record of what happened in this one year, and I also want to see if there happen any changes in me during this one year.
I start writing from today. Of course, all posts might not be full length. I might be posting just a line or two, sometimes just a photo or something. But this blog will see my presence everyday. the only risk is this everyday writing comes back biting me, showing how I can not write for too long! But let us hope I find something to spare words about.
Gotta go. have to sharpen my pen. and oh yes,thoughts. :)

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shweta hardikar said...

If you read Paulo Coelho's blog, he has something called as 20 second reading the reader can read the entire blog post within 20 seconds. You can try something like that on a daily basis. Also, quality can come in even the most mundane issues if you choose the right words :) asa mala watta...aplya ajubajula roz itka kahi ghadat asta ki I am sure you can write about a lot of things :)