Saturday, September 15, 2012

The professional melancholy

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It has been a while since I wrote something guys. I wrote about auroville, and then there has been no activity here. Well, generally my blogs reflect my mood in that particular phase of life. Ok, life is too much of a word. It is those particular 2-3 weeks of my life. I have been feeling- well -lack for a better word- melancholic and dull. Actually the dullness reaches melancholy quite often these days.

You know, there are phases in your life. Of course you know. But I do not know how many of you experience these phases in your professional life. For past few days, I have been extremely dull. It might be physical un-wellness- had cough, cold and paraphernalia-    I am on antibiotics. It might be the same old mundane routine. It might be stress. But I keep on feeling that I am not doing anything worthwhile, I keep on feeling extremely bored, i dread going to work every morning, and I am generally lost these days.

I remember, both my previous jobs had given me such phases in around 9th month of that Job. The initial excitement is long dead, you get a good grip of your work. Some tasks are set in front of you. You strive hard to complete it. you fall into a pattern. Then you start realizing that that initial shaky period is over, and the thing you were working hard upon is about to be completed. And there is NOTHING new that is happening around you. I am precisely in my 9th month of this job, and that phase has taken over again.

May be I should talk to my superiors about change of work. Perhaps I should  come up with something on my own. May be I should quit?! May be I should take a break. No clue. There is a hope that novelty value will not deplete any more, and something real exciting comes up again, very soon!