Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adios 2014!

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I usually do not write year-ending posts. They would have made sense had I been a regular writer. But then, lot of things would have happened if I were a regular writer. Like commercial writing assignments, book-launches and may be a Booker prize. Anyway, not digressing..

This year went by flying. Like absolutely. It began on a royal note in Dubai, exploring the marvel that the Arabs have made out of pure plain desert. The goodness continued, with I coming back and accepting a job offer, after rejecting it twice before :P. 

On personal level, so many things happened, that shaped and keep shaping me. 
We completed three years of marriage. I mean, 3! The 'just married' mode is long gone, and we feel stable and totally comfortable in the marital bond now. 

We made an awesome awesome trip to Ladakh. That trip moved me so much, that I almost wrote 8 posts on this blog! It is a magical land, and I have definitely left a piece of my heart over there. The experiences and thoughts induced by Ladakh are quite unusual, and it remains one of the main highlights of 2014 hands down.

I thought that I have enough of friends now, and do not need anymore. But then that is not how it works. I keep on making new friends, I just do. So I did get some friends totally out of randomness, and then I wondered why were we not friends until now?! 
Well, that also brought out interesting observations. 
Like, your style of making friends differs at different stages of your life.
Or, the people with whom you are friends since forever, slowly grow into different individuals than you or than what you expected, and that is OK.
Or, you can have great friendships with your cousins, and in fact it is better that way.
And, your age does make a difference. Maturity, some may call it.

Talking of friends, I unfortunately also lost a dear friend of mine to a bloody heart attack. I still can not believe that he is gone, and I keep looking at his number in my phone-book and often keep reading our last Whatsapp conversation. It sort of brought me very close to the idea of death.
I then consoled my mind with an apt quote that says: "There is no Death. It is just a change of worlds."
I wished him to be happy in whatever world he is, and am now trying to heal that wound.

I continued long distance running this year as well, ran three races this year, and definitely improved my performance in them. Husband also ran with me in the last one! Running was gratifying, encouraging and extremely liberating. I have taken a momentary break from running as of now, and practicing some Yoga though.

However, the biggest change happened on the professional level. I started working with Sakal at the beginning of this year, and continued till almost its end. That stint went on quite well, and I left that work on a really good note, and with a focused intention.

After working full-time for five years, I have decided to work as an independent professional. I wish to work on the projects that I like, and can learn something from them. Work which puts my faculties to best use, and develops me personally and professionally.

Working independently is going to be hard, very hard. But I hope to manage and sustain at that. It is a major decision of my professional life, and I aim to give it my best shot. Hope things work out! :) 

SO it was a year of change. I am in process of changing  some crucial aspects of my life, my identity, my 'self'. Goodbye 2014, you had been really good.
I am looking at the approaching year with a lot of hope and excitement. 
Hope it is as fulfilling as this one. The change will continue.

Happy New Year everyone!