Tuesday, December 29, 2009

flashy traffic signals?

Working in media helps several ways. I accept the general fury amongst people about media now, (that they encroach too much in all parts of our lives making it a public) and absolutely not pleased about the fact that I get NO holidays, not even on Diwali and new years. But still, you get to talk to lot of people with flu. Nah, its not influenza, its 'influence'. be it bollywood stars and starlets, cricketers, politicians, socialites, industrialists, other celebrities and even the governing team of the city- the so called representatives of us and the execution team of theirs.
I drive to work through  crowded area of city and I have been observing cameras on few signals. right above the signals(though placed pretty high)- almost in the sky. and I see them flashing every 5 seconds. after observing for 3 months,I decided to know where do these pictures go. and hence I called traffic control dept.
Me: i wanted to know about the cameras which are put on signal on tilak road.
Dept: oh.. yeah should call Mr. X^&%. this is his no. he is in charge of all these put up cameras.

Me: hello, is this Mr. X^&%? we got your no from the traffic control dept. we wanted to know what happens to those pictures which are taken on this cameras. where do they go?
Mr X: but how the hell did you get my no? we are in charge of maintainance of signals.
Me:and what is that?
Mr X : that means we take care of signals if they break down, lights go off, polls are broken etc. this camera is not our responsibility.
Me: then who's is it?
Mr X: you should call Mr. ABC.
Me: and who is he???
Mr X: see madam, this cameras are looked after by a company which has installed them in the first place. PMC or pune police have got no connection to it. if you want to speak about cameras, he is the responsible person.

Mr ABC never picks his phone even though we try for 45 mins.

so now, i know the clever sensed what is happening. the cameras which flash every 5 seconds, might be taking pictures. but it seems they are sent nowhere. Pune police or the traffic control dept is not at all concerned with it. the work is outsourced to some company whose representatives are not at all approachable. the lack of communication is evident from the fact that traffic control dept confidently gave me the contact of a person who manages the broken down signals! wah re PMC! i am sure they must be putting some extra tax on us to set these cams up. and look at the use of it.
well, I think I am dumb. had these pictures were being used, I am sure half of Pune will be behind the bars, as people do break signals right under the nose (or lens)  of these cams. I am sure as well that more equipments
like these must already be in place with no use. and now I am giving some free advice to PMC.

start giving out these cameras on rent. some amateur photographers would at least use them! doosronka bhala karo..usme tumhari bhalai hai!

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N said...

Though it is true that the concerned officials tend to get evasive when asked such questions, it is important to know 'when' these questions were asked. From what I know, till a few months ago the infrastructure was still being put in place. Setting up the processes for using this infrastructure is another big task that requires instrumentation of various bodies like police etc. I am sure all this will take quite some time (at least in Pune). Questions shot at them before the implementation completes is bound to fetch you such answers. If Mr. X^&% was a signal maintenance guy, I doubt how reliable the information he gave about PMC/Police not having any connection with cameras is. But yes, the traffic control department should have been in a position to give you correct information.
Let's hope that this system gets past the "Work in Progress" state soon.
About people breaking signals - it's all about their perception of signals - (In my uncle's words) In America-signals are "mandatory", In Mumbai-signals are "Advisory", In Pune-Signals are strictly "decorative" (unless guarded by a traffic-cop)


Muukta said...

hehehe!! actually are re!! maza agdich changla mat zala hota PMC baddal te camere pahilya nantar! pan sagalch musal kerat!

Good! Bhari! (for your research work!!) :)

sneha gore said...

I absolutely agree, but the incident I am talking about is 3 weeks ago, and I have definitely been observing the traffic signal cameras since some 5 months! so I guess its more about the lack of co ordination probably!
hope PMC improves!
btw, the decorative part is right!

N said...
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N said...

Here's a tit-bit -
If you jump a signal and a cop jots down your vehicle number, it could take about three to four months before you get the summons for the 'crime' you committed (from a true story, seen this happen). Now in this case, the procedure is straight and simple but just that the system is inherently slow. Perhaps the photographs taken at signals are going to some database and they will start getting processed and, eventually, acted upon slowly. May be the 'law-breakers' will end up paying a fine by the year-end.

Looks like I am too inclined to give PMC the benefit of doubt, isn't it.. Well, just trying to be hopeful :)

If you plan to take any steps to hasten the process, by all means, you should go ahead!

Cool4u said...

no posts for a long time?