Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the new ideas

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Hello Hello hello!!!!
i know its been quite quite quite a while since i wrote my last post. three months almost. i was invisible or inactive whatever...due to lack of time..i was barely living. and now once again, i am  ready to blog! yay!
so..i have been realizing the changed and funny ( i find them funny) ideas about concepts. like relaxation.
firstly, I dun have those geek concepts about how to use your free time to be a better human etc. i adore people who work for NGOs in their free time, but all that i am saying is its ok if you spend your time practically doing nothing and sitting idle.
but recently i have been experiencing the ideas of relaxation totally changed. or may be i am in a company of people for whom the idea of relaxation or may be- fun at holiday is just  just just boozing.I perfectly understand that there are people for whom boozing is quite a regular activity, and though i am a non-drinker i have never been against boozing. but dude, coming to a beautiful spot after journey of some hours, and what all you do there, is just booze. carry it with you if possible. if you dont have it with you, go look for places where you will find one. go roam around the entire village. dude, you can do soooo many things in that time. again, i am not preaching, but the hours which you have wheedled outta your tight schedule, may be couple of days where you can sit back and just do nothing, or may be something which you do not do in your schedule ( like sleeping and doing nothing :D)..use that precious time in that! whats with the perpetual boozing and just not doing anything else??????
whats more is people do tend to forget that one does not necessarily get a stock of drinks ready in every corner of the world that one goes. true especially with the small villages. villages usually dont have a free flowing alcohol 24/7 like a city. or they might not have drinks of your choice. or there might be something in the village due to which not all keep a stock ready. every place is not your city! there are some other ways in which the village society behaves. and then you cant crib about the lack of  so called 'hospitality' just because they are unable to provide you with high end label of your choice!!
this whole outburst might be coz i am a non drinker and like to do lotsa things which i dun do otherwise. like sleepng and doin nothing! but  going after a flock of sheep! or sitting near the well, or even learning how to cook a certain local variety of food or just playing in sand on beaches.. and if this sounds too bookish, typical, boring/ kiddish to people, i am ok with it! :D it does not harm being a kid you see :P

another idea i am finding changed is that of celebration. pages and tons has been written on this whole new style in which we celebrate. its such a complicated concept. really. on one hand, we have big celebrations for the minutest reasons. like we met a friend after 3 weeks. or like today s the day when h proposed to me 6 weeks back. its perfectly alright. again. its individual choice. but the occasions which we never used to celebrate are celebrated in larger than life way. sankashti chaturthi. its a fasting day every month, and most of us do keep normal fasts during the day. now, i saw a procession the other day near my house, a public pooja
and practically extorting the contribution money. really? for sankashti chaturthi? its ok to be happy that today is sankashti chaturthi. but extorting the money for public fund??? and this is just an example. i am sure this holds true with every other small reason. like today is the death anniversary of some small leader whom hardly 300 people know.. or today was the day when a king thought of having a discussion with fellow emperor- 450 years ago. taking money forcibly and putting up wall of speakers and disturbing traffic- the new idea of celebration.
and on the other hand, where did all that enthusiasm go which used to be present in celebrations some time back? like for diwali? xmas? ganpati? all these days have become the holidays for common man- without feeling much ecstatic, you do some normal rituals and then go to sleep! ( understood coz that u cant do otherwise) and its become days of having special editions and shower of ads for the media. where did that old feeling of 'today's something special' go? or is it that we have become numb towards these personal celebrations and feelings of little joy  coz there is excess of the 'loud public celebrations for the minutest things?' dunno.
ideas do change. they should change. just that it hurts when they change the way u dun like it. but khair, u shud be able to see the new social ways getting shaped up. next time i inshallah  will be positive about it and then will write a positive post about the same new ideas! the new ideas about the new ideas! i just hope the meaning of the word 'idea' does not change by that time and become equivalent to a cellphone operator! :D

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