Friday, November 13, 2009

hello! ween- the introspection

the particular monday was no different than others. same hesitation in getting up and going to work-why wouldn't you hesitate if you have to get up at 6 and go to work at 7 everyday? :( but still.. i reached office. opened newspapers. glanced through the last page(please note: there is the addition of last page to the 'page 3' .) spotted Halloween parties pics there!
I mean this is the first time I am spotting Halloween parties happening in Pune. and actually the props, the scary dresses, the pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns whatever-  were seen in newspapers, on blogs, on facebook orkut, TV, everywhere. since when pune became so Americanized to celebrate Halloween on such a big scale? or are our media playing an important role in letting know common masses of  Halloween? or do they really want to shape us in an American way of life? dunno..confused!
i like new festivals :) time to celebrate is always nice! but all the same i find it hard to digest that celebrating dasra, and sankrant and nagpanchami with mehendi is not so cool when painting your faces in stupid way is. i don't like it :(
or celebrating everything through media is the norm of the day? confused! :(

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Nikhil said...

Technically, Halloween is a Celtic (northern European) holiday. But otherwise, your point stands.

Pradnya said...

More than turning American or Celtic, It's more of 'celebrating for the heck of celebration' It's not what season, occasions that is. You will find same people dancing on the tunes of garba songs and also tasting expensive wines at wine festival. Being a well covered (by media and not by fabric) socialite.