Friday, December 7, 2007

i didnt give the title as 'its only words' out of is a famous song i obviously know..and more than that i know that words count.words matter.words make it or break it.words cheat.words influence. words are worth a hell lot of things.. [still you can say obviously say "words..worth?"!]
words define. words build. the reality[or the illusion,whatever you want] is created by words.
if we closely introspect, we know that words define the situations for us. situations may not be complex every time..its us who make them look complex through use of deceiving words...and vice versa..
words of wisdom make the ultra complex situation look simpler and get out of it!
and still..reality is illusion! its basically a social construct..[or individual] you dont need to be a psychologist to understand that its you who decides what and how you perceive. you give that abstract concept a form of words and make it concrete. and ten you understand why cant there be anything as good and bad..its illuion!
...and..there are still some places where words spite of the great power within them..
and then what lies dance? mime? drawing? :) :)

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Shashank Kanade said...

interestingly, there were philosophers who blamed the ambiguity/ill-definition of words for the existence of philosophical (more precisely, metaphysical) problems!

...there are still some places where words fail... ,
how true!