Wednesday, December 10, 2008

growing old?

at least 9 of my acquaintances got engaged or got married from august 2008-December 2008 .. i got to know about some of it, saw pics on orkut, or in some cases, had invitations to attend the function and i attended. that's not the point. from nov-feb, everyday atleast 5 couples tie the knot in pune. the wedding season you see! the point is, all of these people were my classmates/ part of my group at some time! now..thats different! people who are of your age/ your friends are actually tying the knot/are planning to in near future! feels that you have become old???
somehow, for me, wedding is often attached to the idea of being mature, responsible, self sufficient and so on. i do feel old at the thought that people around me..of my age.. are preparing to get married!
not only marriages. i wrote a mail to some of my friends some days ago.
we, used to sit at savera, fighting over trivial issues like who didnt call are seriously planning about life, careers, weddings, married lives, and future plans. we have become mature and sensible . we used to keep note of the credit of Rs. 3 from we easily give out greens of 100... trivial issues dont bother us it?

we used to call each other, fight, curse, refuse to speak, patch up after fight.... and love unconditionally. now ego comes in..the behaviour has become artificial..for many of us, even the love equations become calculated, and less straight from heart. .. we try to look at people and their actions in more political ways, doubt the intentions and start forming conspiracy theories.. if any issue bother us, we prefer to keep mum about it and let the other person suffer..
we do not cry about the things that touched our hearts.. be it a peace of music, an evening on tekdi, a fight with a dear friend, or feeling of being left out. we dont display emotions that easily.
we become less active than we were 5 yeas ago.... and there remains a little trace of how we were in 11th-12th..freer, more natural, less egoistic and less stubborn..and full of life!
may be, or rather this must be happening with everybody.. there are yet to be more changes in lives.. and we will surely feel life wo'nt be again the same.. there is quarter life crisis, married life crises, worklife crises, and so on.. we will feel it on every mode of our life.. just wanted to voice out the feeling..
anyways, our favourite saying holds good.. "you see..age is catchin' up.." (but from right now??!!)

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