Monday, February 2, 2009

the red lounge

just last night i had been to the movie in this multiplex in one of Mumbai suburbs. i was accompanied by my cousins, three of them. and our visit to that multiplex was planned (AND SPONSORED) by our eldest cousin. had it not been for him, i would have never dared to go to such a place with my own money! the red lounge of that multiplex, which costs you a good fortune. 300 Rs per head, for a movie, which is probable worth of say 75 rs.
i would definitely agree with Saurabh( the sponsoring one!) though that its not about quality of movie that you spend 300 rs for, its an experience. and it definitely is. the red lounge has seating for around 100 people. you have biiiiig red couches. all comfortable and fluffy cushions.. and the couch can get almost 180 degree flat.. almost parralel to the ground. you actually would feel like a king. or may be sitting on a beach in one of those beach chairs! too good. you also get a service by waiter who provides you with any food you want( which costs ! it is not 'on the house'.. and boy!cost much!)
of course, i have restricted my self that i probably would not be watching any other movie in the red lounge- definitely not with somebody else's money.. though the experience ..(to have it once) was definitely royal and luxury. and now a tiny thought, contradicting this is blinking- how about asking a guy to take me on date there in the red lounge? ;)

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