Sunday, May 10, 2009

i blog, therefore i am

quite a preposterous name..i know. this is the name of my research thesis which i submitted just a week back as my master's thesis to the university. on indian urban bloggers. and finally i am done with the writing process of a big fat 100 page dissertation. (big deal, i know i know). i had fabulous interviews with all my respondents, and they were really very co operative in this 'talk about my blog' process.
anybody of ya..interested in reading my research, write to me! i will send it across. i know thats really trivial, but i am still contemplating on where to put my research online( library shelf is not an option i wanna entertain..hmph!) i assure you it will provide you some good findings about our blogger community:-)
apart from this my own publicity, this research has given me couple of more things. one is the outlook. i know thats reallly cliched, but it has really given me an outlook to understand the media creators and the media consumers. has developed a theoretical orientation in myself. has developed an academic concern in me, a concern of analysing the media around, get deeper in that. and secondly, it has developed a professional concern in me.. to work in the field of new media. well, its kinda haphazard to say that my goal is to work in new media, just after a single thesis, but who knows, things start smaller and turn out to be 'the' things which are BIG! lets see where this blog work of mine takes me. i am eager to see
meanwhile, i am eager to get couple of mails asking for my thesis as well, eager to think about couple of more options about the area of my work, and eager to manage writing many more blogposts!


Sushant Kulkarni said...

Interesting! A 'Cartesian' name for dissertation. Please let me know what are your findings.

Tushar said...

Hi Sneha!!
Kudos for your amazing thinking.
One would have never thought about blogging about the bloggers!!!

Let me know your findings.


Hrushikesh said...

Can I also have a copy of your research ?

PeeVee™ said...

If you don't mind, can I have a copy as well? I'm a Mass Communication student doing my research project on similar lines.