Thursday, June 17, 2010

the break

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so! Its been a while since i wrote- i have stopped getting comments by the day..and i am very very angry about it! no feedback!

anyways, the point is that i am on a break. It has been 3 months since i left my job, and sat at home( well not practically, but yes, for conversational terms, yes) and i have been enjoying the break. i do not remember a time in which a did not have a routine. I had internships in my University holidays, and other activities like German class in my college holidays. yes, all the entrances in my post final year holiday. so, in many ways, this was a unique break for me. this is just one of them.

secondly, and more importantly, i had a twist given to my personal and professional life. well,personal ,not so much. I am still engaged to the same guy :P  but  professional? whoa! a good one though. I studies for GRE till april end and appeared and got a good score. now kahaani mein twist. I have decided to stay back in India, not go to the US( which made me get frustrated over leaving my job, and mugging all those thousand horrible words for GRE). but i am happy. it is a well informed decision, anyways. i spoke to some friends, some colleagues from media and some professors. after a string of long chats, i have decided that i am staying in india ( ye mera India..i love my India) and let my career prosper!!! yay! :)  the discussions, the brainstorming and other things took too much of mental space sometime, but it is OK. you have to be cool with the criss-cross lines of thoughts and occasional mood swings :P 

I also swam. went swimming after a really long time. after 10 years probably. went on the tank for an entire month. regularly, without fail. and i discovered that swimming is one of the best cardio workouts. better, coz you do not sweat. the blue water actually drags you inside it..and the moment you get in water, all your worries, headaches, fatigue, tensions..gone! vanish!

i managed the house and other functions for some absence of rest of the family members who were abroad. i bought new clothes. i made new discoveries about myself. i wrote letters. i went to friends' surprise bday parties. and even if i did not have anything much to do, i did not fight i learned anger management :P
i got busy with the shifting of house, and now the rains are here!!! i love it!!

well, the break was really refreshing. i enjoyed it, and moreover, i have got a feeling that the break was well spent. I have started looking for new jobs( kabhi sabse bada rupaiyya) and hope my new job will be good as well. then i can positively say that the break ended on a good note :)

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