Friday, July 23, 2010

moving to a new place- an introspection!

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moving from one house to another is our favorite activity. For first 12 years of my life, we stayed in a big house. I moved from that at 12, then to another house at 13, then back to the original big one at 15, then the one bought newly at 16, then one more bought newly ( no 2) at 18 then back to the newly bought-I at 21 and now finally again another one bought newly (no 3) at 23 :D.
So you get the chaos. only it wasn't that chaotic. :) all the houses that we stayed in were really good to us, as were to them :) well, there were things like occasional infestations of cockroaches, and overflowing tap resulting into a water filled bedroom! but largely, the stays were as pleasant as it could get! :)

after looking at this record, you will realize that i never spent time more than 5 years at one place. In fact, my college was the place where i spent five years in a row! Its generally observed that the more time you spend at a place, the fonder you become. you grow close to that place itself, it becomes part of your identity. My grand mom stays in old city, for last 30 years, and now for me, the old part of pune has become synonymous to her! :) But nonetheless, I feel that i am extremely close to all the houses that i stayed in. especially the last 2. And then i think why did i grow so close to these?I know. . I was 'of age' when i stayed in these two. i basically remember all my stay, i was mature to understand the world, and you know, it was an age where maximum things happen to you-   your late teens and early twenties! (part-I. the part II is 24-30)

I went to college, i chose my courses, I participated in various things- right from volunteering for ugly occasions to winning  magnificent trophies,  I learned. I learned about how the world works, how big IS the world, how to deal with people. I closely understood human nature. I wrote. I made career choices. I made friends. I fought with some of them. I had lovely chats with parents. I had family occasions. I had family's worse moments- including surgical procedures, emotional lows and untimely deaths. I fell in love, started a happy relationship and eventually got engaged. So many things important to me happened in these 2 houses. I developed as a person. I grew up. And all these while these two houses were with me. I strongly believe that the house has an impact on you. positive-negative, whatever.  I am pretty emotional person. And hence, i did grow attached to these two houses. they have a big place in my heart :)

I am moving to a different house now. Its a bit far from this house- around 8 kms. The house is ready. furnished, painted and fitted. We started putting up the piled things at their own places. bits and pieces of things are halfway through. it is estimated that i will be there from 1st august. The house is superb, BIG, nicely located and still has nice view. I am definitely looking forward to the stay there. But its true that it will take me some time get adjusted over there, and grow attached to it. Also, I will have lot of new things happening in life while at that house. career shaping and marriage- important ones perhaps. And when i leave the house to go to my husbands place, i will be equally sad, i am sure. all in good time though.

so currently I am in movers and packers shoes. wish me good luck, and a happy stay and tons of fond memories in that place as well! adios! :)

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Hrushi said...

Your new house is ages away from mine :( ... But still the encouraging part is that 10-12 miles is pretty small as compared to 7000 miles :P .. Cheers!