Tuesday, October 12, 2010

wheres the fun trip?!

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I moved to Mumbai a month and a half ago, as stated in my earlier post. and I must say that well, i am turning mumbaikar..slowly. why? well, i do not sweat as much i used to in the first week, and i have sorta understood how to push your way into a local. apart from that, i am also getting used to the fact that i am staying out of home, and have to do all the shopping all alone. ALL. the range of things that I bought in last few days in huge- right from a street side top, to grocery, to USB modems. I have also traveled home  just for a day, had my schedule jam-packed, and did all those imp things that i had to do(read dentist and a haircut)

but you know what, it just struck me right now that its been ages since i had a fun trip. an outing. with family or friends. actually with friends. well, i have had a one day trip to mahabaleshwar in may with friends, and it was amazing i must say. :) but still, not all of us were present on that trip, and it was not a long 3- day outing. it's just that lot of my other friends( not my usual gang) are going to so many places. and thanks to the telecommunication revolution, you talk to them while they are on their trip, and you do see pictures instantly on FB. beautifully shot pictures. I am happy for my friends, and i know that even they do not do it very often, and i know that even they do not do these outings very often, but still- i have a craving- i want to go on a trip too!
with my usual gang, the outing scene has always been non existent. reason? nowadays our schedules do not match to the slightest. all of us work now. most of them have Sunday offs, which they usually want to spend with their families,and even if they are ready for a Sunday outing,  poor creatures like me and shraddha exist. I do not have a Saturday Sunday off(and i do not live in pune anymore) and shraddha might just have some research work in her lab( like counting how many flies are there!. well, this has been only now. 3 years ago, when all of us were studying, schedules were easier, but  restrictions were all the more. it really really took looooooot of time, and pestering, and buttering and crying to finally convince your parents for a night out or a one day trip. now that parents think that we are sufficientlt grown ups, they do not argue much, but our schedules are not kind. ha!
so at the end of the day, i still remain a fun trip-less. I know that probably once we all are married, we have all the control on our lives, and probably can jointly chalk out the dates for holidays. but frankly when you get married, the chances of having random things done with your friends also get pretty less.right? 
well, it usually does not bother me much. i do have some amazing holidays, just like the last year's Sikkim trip with my family. but with friends, it is different. and i am so longing for that fun trip. probably it's just that i am missing them as now i do not see them often , and that's why i am longing for the holiday more. but whatever, i hope to get a fun trip soon. till then, i will keep on planning the trip and picturizing all the fun that we will have over there :)

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