Sunday, May 6, 2012

More the sun,merrier!

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 Let us face it. India is a HOT country. recently, I have started seeing many other sub shades of that term, as I have traveled a lot in last 5 years within the country, though here my usage of term hot is directly co related with the sun. The heat, the rising temperatures, the flaming sun.
So what do you do when you face terrible heat around? Some would buy air conditioners, many would resort to traditional anti-summer treatments and some would fly to destinations, to escape the great heat. This summer, I did the same. I flew to a place, where the sun was all shining, with moderate temperatures. Where we could for once, enjoy the  April sunt, enjoyed basking in that light. AND it was not a beach.
Turkey is one place, which I commend one should visit in the scorching hot month of April. I would not talk about destinations in southern hemisphere and how to enjoy that, as it is not a summer time for Aussies and kiwis. It is summer in turkey, and a one that you can enjoy thoroughly as a tourist.

To begin with, the place called Cappadocia, in Turkey  has great landscape. You probably will find no match for the kind of lunar feel it gives. It feels exactly as if you are on the moon. And you will be awestruck by looking at just how many shades can brown give you. The sun is usually up in the sky, for a long time, almost till 8 pm, and it is a boon. Sunlight gives it a kind of lively feel, which would have been a morbid place otherwise.

Going ahead, I would say this is actually a place one can enjoy thoroughly only in summer, as winter would put a snow blanket on it, and would bring it to a very silent and lifeless place, as you can imagine from the photos. The clear skies, with a bright and smiling sun in it put me in the happy mood. And this place kept on showing me unreal locations. Absolute unreal.

Of course, we need not be sad, as Cappadocia offers all what any fun loving tourist would ask for. You would not miss out on anything that you get at other tourist hot spots. There is a wide variety of wines, in fact Cappadocia is known for offering some of the finest wines. There are beers, which include Raki- the local one that you have to taste. There is apple tea for teetotalers and there is this undoubtedly yummy Mediterranean cuisine to look forward too. There are belly dances to be experienced, which originate from this region, and folk music to be heard. To top it all, there is Turkish hospitality, good looking people around, (!)and  a very pleasant weather in spite of all the sun.
And most importantly, it is a young place. the landscapes may be thousands of years old, but the vibe is young. You experience something totally different that you can not at your own place.You get refreshed,recharged. With right precautions like help of sun experts there are no worries about getting tanned in these treeless surroundings either.That's what our trips are for!
So having a couple of days off and enjoying at this location with Elena does sound like a good job to do. Boy, there is a world to see in summer besides beaches. It is high time you realize it. Elena will this summer, and probably when she is back next year, you might want to tag along!
p.s. If Elena is a photography buff like me, Sun is probably the best thing that can happen to her. See the photo above! :)

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