Monday, July 2, 2012

Raju Hirani-need to reinvent

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The post comes much later than it was intended or expected. I saw a movie couple of weeks back, and it is expected, that I write a review sooner. Nevertheless, staying true to my new resolution of writing once a week, I am writing today :)
I saw Ferrari ki sawari two weeks ago. before entering the cinema hall, I had conversation with a friend- I dunno why, but I think the movie is going to be  LITTLE BORING!  My husband reprimanded me saying do not make assumptions before you actually see a movie. And hence, I entered the theater with falsely assuring myself that movie will be good.
Just that I kept on waiting till the very end credits, that there might be some element in this movie which will really make me laugh/think/entertain. Ofcourse, one can not expect that one single movie will perform all the above mentioned functions, but there has to be something in the movie, which the viewer has to take home. Entertainment/sadness/intense thoughts/confusion/ guilt/ laughter/any other thing. FKS lacked any of these.
I mean, you could appreciate it in bits and pieces. Pieces would be Boman Irani's awesome Parsi bawa, and Vidya Balan's jewellery in her item number, and of course, the red beauty, Ferrari.

Sharman Joshi's attempts are not bad. But the poor guy has over killed, thanks to how his part is written. He seems to be insane after a point. The kid faces same fate. Although, he is a sweet looking boy, with very expressive face. Paresh Rawal is again wasted, with his character in total negativity. And supporting caste is no exception with they playing the parts well, but fundamental flaw is with writing.
I think Raju Hirani has co-written the film or dialogues. I,for one, hated his job in the film. I know Hirnai fans will eat me alive. Do not misunderstand. I myself am  big Hirani fan. Munnabhai is a film which I could watch any number of times, and appreciate small things every time. But that does not mean that he repeats the same things in each and every film. And I am not ready to accept that it's a Rajesh Mapuskar film. It bears too many Hirani touches to believe in that.
How many times do I see a Marathi policeman with some peculiar idiosyncrasy,  who helps the protagonist? How many times do I see an excellent detailing of daily life, with lost sense of reality? How many times do I see a character in sub-villainous roles who suddenly sees sense in the end? How many characters who clap vigorously in the climax scene, wiping their happy tears off? How many 'one last powerful monologue' by the protagonist in the climax scene? I am tired. Hirani style humor is good, but do not overkill,mate. In fact, I am planing to offer Hirani to take me on board as a screen writer for his next film. I really can.

Finally, FKS told me that there exists a person called Rajesh mapuskar in this world. he is noweher to be seen through his movie.  But he gets the credit as director, after all.

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pranit vijay patil said...

very crisp and too the point...i agreed to this... especially last paragraph !! :)