Monday, July 15, 2013

A better you via getting physical

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And I mean physical activity. As in exercise. As in sweating it out in socially acceptable way, which could be performed in open! A gym or a sport or any aerobic activity.  I have been experiencing this since past few days, and ever since I watched Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, I have made my mind doubly up.

Sweating it out has always been a form of what they call as sublimation in psychology. Expressing your emotions in a better suited form. Most of us do not know this term but we are using it very very often. Feel demotivated and frustrated? Have troubles in coping up with situation and feeling low? Have rage and thinking of hitting somebody? Go and sweat it out. The feelings will vanish on their own. Run a good kilometer or two. Go gymming and life heavy weights. Basically, express that rage within through a rigorous, strenuous physical exercise. Your emotions are channelized better, leaving you and the other person unharmed. Plus, it is good to have a few calories burned, isn't it? :)

So this is the normal way many of us use. School boys use it, frustrated lovers should use it. I for one, have somehow started using this technique, and it is working wonders. I have not been working for sometime now, following a very stressful period in my life. First thing I did, was resorting to exercise. I started gymming extra-regularly. I go everyday without fail, and exercise for an hour at least. Not that I did not go before, but it was more perfunctory, I would say. Just coz I had paid the membership fees, and the husband is a major gym freak, I would accompany, mostly willingly. My goal was fitness, and nothing else. I would casually work out for 35 minutes, and then off I went. Not any more.

I made my mind and took to gymming with a determination. To be unaffected from the stress. It took some nagging from Husband initially, but now work out for more than an hour, and that too happily. What is better, I keep on thinking of new workouts to follow and keep inventing them. If I always cycled/ran on treadmill for the cardio, I now substitute it with various funky alternatives. I use spin-bike, I run on real jogging track and not treadmill, I even use the combination of age old skipping rope and Surya Namaskars! And what is best, my stamina has increased. I sense it. I am not panting after long run or skipping.
Better than the best, I have managed to keep stress at bay. It is like all the negative emotions are taken out of my body through the sweats. And, I have set a new target for myself. That is of running a 10K in pune marathon this year! Hurrah! :)

Well, Farhan Akhtar has also inspired me. I watched Bhaag Milkha, and I was stunned by his physique. Could not stop praising it, like everybody else. It could have been a result of steroids like what some so called insiders are suggesting.  But oh boy the body! It takes great amount of determination and perseverance to do that merely for a role. He has done at least nine sprints in that movie, and it is not easy. he has looked every bit of a real life sprinter, which must be a result of tremendously vigorous physical activity.  It is not a puffed body, it is lean and taut, like a runner's. If a 38 year old man, who has no connection with the word exercise, can do it, so can I or anybody like me at the age of 26. . It has made my target even firmer.It additionally helps that I simply love Farhan the artist, and hence it is easier to idolize him :D

Last, but not the least, exercise is like  a way of connecting with yourself. You consciously think of your body as a tool. A tool to sculpt your inside. You learn to give it all. You learn to cope with injuries, with failures too, if you are playing a sport. You also learn to appreciate the very existence of a good healthy body. Your spirit gets higher. Riddance from the negativity, busting the stress, looking inside you, focusing better, experiencing the calm, and a great figure are attractive add ons, if you want!

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Prajakta Sarwottam said...

I loved your reference to Sublimation and i have been thinking about it for a long time...I am writing something about the whole idea of art for oppressed...suppressed and frustrated...
will share it with u
and yes! I am not a ROBOT :)