Thursday, March 19, 2009


this is a hurried post before i leave for university. yesterday morning i saw Gulaal. i know soon my blog will be more of a movie review related ;) but cant help not telling some of the aspects:
1. gulaal has brought out an excellent lyricist. piyush mishra's lyrics and music rock! his range is from political to mystefying to erotic! be it " jis raat sheher mein khun ki baarish ayi re" or " o beedo" or my favourite one liner- jaise har ik baat pe democracy mein lagne lag gayo ban! "
the lyrics suit to the whole mood of film very well. apart from great soundtrack, he has also played a rajput version of say err..john lenon?
2. it is a heavy movie. and trust me, quite dark. noir. doesnt create a happy mood in you. i wonder why is anurag kashyap so heavily obsessed with the dark side of life! the movie doesnt make you think orrelate to your surroundings like dev d. but it just.. i was numb for some time :(
3. all female charachers are into politics in some way :p kiran's character is very well written- the only female protagonist who is directly into the muddy political ground. the model teacher is more of a shadow- or say in the background. and the mujrawaali mahi gill- tabu's look alike- is more into gender politics! :p
4. KK and abhimanyu singh are the staarrs of the film! KK has a character which is overpowering, he plays it very well, a role which his acting range deserves. his role is across the length of the film. but abhimanyu singh, with his Ransa, rocks even though he doesnt survive even till the internmission! he is a must watch!
these are the short wires of thoughts hanging in my mind. more detailed version might floow soon.. till then, log in to any site and listen to gulaal songs! adios!


Anant Shrivastava said...

That tells me that i must watch the movie soon.

and on the sidenote : i am still waiting for that thesis soft copy

Pushkaraj said...

My favourite moment in the movie is when Piyush Mishra asks - "phir to tu jitne gulaal vale hain, sabko pehchanta hoga? To phir gulaal lagaane ka fayda hi kya?"
The one sentence summarizes his scathing criticism about the misplaced ideology and what he believes is a doomed revolution.
I wrote a review on Gulaal - hope you can take time out to read it here -

And yes, I am very keen to see your thesis.