Saturday, March 14, 2009

rain rain come again :-)

i hate the poem we sang in school. rain rain go away! i live in a part of country which has rains hardly for three months, that too would not count much in inches. people in most parts eagerly wait for rains. really eagerly! no heavy rainfall there. their living is dependent on rain, my agriculture, my dams, my water systems, everything! i get power cuts and water cuts in every summer, and somewhere the surroundings are hottest by march end- 48 degree selsius already! and i still sing rain rain go away! how amazing!
well, it was the fault of our education system, or rather the education material we blindly copied. our educationists just refused to do indian adaptations of their literature. but well, i recently saw a textbook of english grade 2. it said
rain rain come again
we will play another game
rain rain do not fail
paper boats we will sail !

cool eh? i am happy! thats like a perect adaptation of a poe suiting your surroundings :-)

and to add to the joy, yesterday it rained! rained heavily, compared to teh situation in march. it was torturous wrt heat! hot hot week! (in all senses including politics and cricket :p) but it rained. first, the wind blowed heavily- everything waas hazy- i cunt drive properly. suddenly it stopped at a point. the sky above became darker and darker. . the fragrance of mud drove me mad. and then the drops came. small. bigger. bigger and bigger. and then it started pouring! poured and poured! hah! and i was half wet, but probably one of the happiest persons around! :-)

i love rains in pune. i really do. they are like romatic gesture by nature, not the aggressive one like mumbai( or even cherapoonji :p) probably coz i was born in june, the moth of romantic rainfall! and this morning i woke up, stood in balcony with a cup of tea in my hand and again the feeling of content filled me. the day has started in a better fashion! yay! :-)


Sushant Kulkarni said...

I agree with you. The poem I vividly remember about rain from my school textbook is
ye re ye re pavasa..
tula deto paisa...
That does suit our surrounding.
Bye the way, the Mango Showers that we had in Pune recently may deprive us from mangoes in coming summer.

Shashank Kanade said...

I remember of a similar comment by Jayant Naralikar in one of his books on the poem Ring-a-ring-a-roses