Friday, August 28, 2009

The man of words

I guess this is a kind of relevant post to the title of this blog- its only words. coz a post on somebody for whom 'its only words'! Gulzaar saab turned 75 recently..(or 73 whatever.. there is still a doubt!) and i just thought i would scribble how big fan am i of him..
i was zapped when i got to learn that Sampurnasingh kalra is the name the genius was born as. and well.. the image crops up in your mind after hearing that 'powerful' lamba chauda punjaabi name is definitely not of someone like Gulzaar. His looks suit a typical Bengali babu more, say I. and no offence, but his sensibilities and sensitivities make you think whether he is a bengali morphed into a punjabi name ( the opinion is purely based on the positive biases i have!) May be thats the result of being a contemporary of strong bengali directors.. Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukerjee and so on ..well you never know.
i can't imagine a man who writes dhan tana...tana tana.. and beedi jalaile looks like this! To my imagination, this man is a 35 year old semi urban man, and wears horrible pink shirts :P and yes, the one who writes goli maar bheje meinnnn... yeah definitely the pink shirt, coupled with a bright yellow scarf! and for me a man who writes paani paani re..and iss mode se jaate hain.. is a man who actually looks like gulzaar with white outfit, and those glasses.
the man who writes chaddi pehenke ful khila hai and lakdi ki kaathi-kaathi pe ghoda can not be the same man who writes hum ko man ki shakti dena and tujhse naraaz nahi jindagi. :)
Gulzaar is really absurd. is akhon se jab tune chhua..halka halka uns huan his writing. he writes hum ne dekhi hai in akhon ki mehekti khushboo. how can you see khushboo? he writes halka halka uns hua...err..what does uns mean? He confuses you with this stuff. he brings that melancholic longing with jiya jale.. and o saathi re din dube na.. he zapps you with his command over words in every single lyric.
well, its not just the lyrics. it is reflected well within his scripts, his dialogues, his screenplays, his films. Be it izazat or maachis. they are as sensitive, sensible, and powerful at the same time as his soongs. and after this, my words go away coz i just feel like just writing his brilliant songs :) I may write a part two on the sensitivities and sensibilities shocased in his songs. ahan!

Gulzaar actually is the epitome or personification of this saying it's only words! a BIG BIG APPLAUSE and a salute to him :)


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