Friday, August 14, 2009

That freaking swine

I am not at all against/for vegetarianism/ non vegetarianism. i never like or dislike any animal on the earth ( man is a social animal, and is an exception!) the whole breed of pigs was never into my consideration except their sporadic appearances on the street once in a while. and still, couple of days back, i was forced to curse the poor animal(the swine) and justly curse the overly paranoid human animals in Mumbai.
we had been to Mumbai. the moment the news was announced that we are from Pune, one should have seen how the manners and behavior changed. we were not allowed inside the office, we were quarantined in a room which was well outside the office, and then put into Mc'donalds party hall, which was well a kilometer away from the office. what a wonderful and chivalrous treatment.
can't the virus find it's way to enter the office through the people who were with us? or is it that each and every person who comes from Pune carries a bunch of virus all over the body? are we some kind of jaleel log who are just sadistically planning to infect all of Mumbai with Swine flu? are we untouchables?? in fact, how can one have the entry denied on the basis of assumption that one ia a carrier of virus..considering that viruses cant even be seen??
my point here is not to criticize the organization. my point is to criticize the paranoia that people have in their minds. Swine flu is not fatal. it is curable, and it is being cured. the gaudy and exaggerated picture media is putting across is also to be blamed to large extent. people outside pune are unnecessarily and obsessively being scared of the supposed out of control situation in pune. i was never so damn frustrated about the performance of media!!!! huh!
p.s. this is a couple of week older post, publishing now the situation has seen many new turns since then!

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